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I get a lot of enquiries from first time authors about this – thanks for the compliments! Unfortunately, however, I usually have to say "no", if there is no publisher involved as yet.

Having illustrations with your manuscript when you submit to a publisher also does not guarantee an increased chance of being published. If you are a first time author , they will go on the strength of your story and would source an appropriate illustrator for your project if they decide to go ahead with it. Books like the "Children’s writers and illustrators market" provide a good overview on how the industry works.

Self publishing can be a very expensive option for authors. Personally I have to admit I haven’t really worked on many such projects, but if you feel the need to publish, have a great story and a decent budget, feel free to contact me anyway.

Please note: I don’t work "on spec" – ie. I will not provide new work as free samples for a project to go ahead; however, I’m happy to provide samples with an agreed "kill fee" should the project be cancelled, or else provide low resolution copies of past work that may be appropriate to your project.

Also, please have the courtesy to contact me for permission before lifting any images from this website for use in presentations / proposals / blogs etc.


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