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Occasionally there are topics that rile me up enough to make a poster about it; feel free to follow the links above to download these images to print – take ’em to the streets or the walls of your classroom / staff room / toilet cubicle and together we might make a difference. Choose what you would like to pay – contributions will help me create more posters in the future.

Technical stuff: All downloadable posters (both free and paid) and resulting prints are for personal use only and are not permitted to be on-sold, altered, rebranded or uploaded to your own server for re-distribution. All copyright remains with the artist © Sonia Kretschmar 2018 / 2019. The posters can be downloaded for free with the option of naming your own price via Paypal – don’t worry if you have selected the free option, the Paypal option will still be visible but you will be directed straight to the downloads page. All emails entered into this site are strictly confidential – if you receive an unwanted newsletter from me you are welcome to unsubscribe!