What are your favourite subjects?

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I have to admit I’;m at my best when I’m incorporating a human element into my work, but I do like to take it beyond the literal into something a bit more poetic ar symbolic.However a lot of the work I’;m commissioned to do nowadays is pretty straight forward / descriptive. As a result I’ve been setting myself new challenges and have become more consciously realistic in my drawing. My original aim was to create a distinctive world and language through my images, but now I think I would like to see how the real world can filter through. I also like subjects that I can lend a theatrical air to, or scientific subjects where I can call upon the wonderful world of molecules. I enjoy creating characters and expressions – from sunny to downright melancholic – playing with perspective, colour, and texture. I’;m also enjoying the idea of developing my interest in fashion illustration, to have fun playing with attractive surfaces rather than torturing myself coming up with new ideas to illustrate superannuation.

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