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A reminder for the upcoming Berlin Zebra Poetry Film Festival was enough to prompt me to do something I had never done before – attempt an animation in under two weeks, from concept to completion. Here is the result: the poem “Love in the Age of the E.U” by Bjorn Kuhligk, was one chosen by the festival; I was interesting to conceive of an interpretation through “foreign” eyes, but I think the themes of border protection and secrecy are a universal theme, especially in the current climate of Australia as well.

My interpretation of the poem is set against a backdrop of industrial change, as a Mythical Lioness of the past defends her turf aided by the technology of the present.

The film festival is on in October – whether or not my animation is accepted is yet to be decided, but it was reassuring to know that little projects like this can actually be completed if one has the time to make them. It is also an interesting product of the times – having easy access to references such as the physiology of a lion, or details of baroque inspired towers, or improving my techniques in After Effects or music licensed under Creative Commons (composed by Kevin McLeod / makes such self-initiated exercises achievable. However, I still do shirk from the idea that all digital content should be considered a ‘free for all’ – but for non-commercial projects such as this they are invaluable.

UPDATE! 15/7/14

Happy to say that my film has been accepted into the festival. Small victories!


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