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I have illustrated numerous books over the years, though these two books – ‘Do Not Forget Australia’ (written by Sally Murphy, originally published by Walker Books in 2012), and ‘Song of the Dove’ (written by Errol Broome, originally published by Walker Books in 2011) remain two of my favourites.

They are two quite different books, though I guess the common factor in both of them was that it gave me a chance to immerse myself in completely different eras. I quite enjoyed the research aspect involved in telling both of these stories – I’m sure if I had more time to devote to them they would have become even more detailed, so I guess, for me and my sanity, it is probably a “good thing” that deadlines exist.

‘Do Not Forget Australia’ has recently been republished as a paper back and seems to be the more popular of the two, but I think ‘Song of the Dove’ remains my personal favourite.

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