Fortune Magazine ‘Most Powerful Women Summit’

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Recently I was asked to provide the artwork for a backdrop at Fortune Magazines ‘Most Powerful Women Summit’ which was held in Washington in October 2019. I’ve always been fascinated by the design legacy of the magazine, particularly with the classic covers of the 1930s-50s, so it was a tempting prospect to work on this project. Ten female artists from around the world contributed artwork, printed on banners 10 feet high by 5 feet wide; the main challenge for me was to translate my painterly style into vectors in Illustrator (to print at various sizes whilst keeping file sizes low)- something I’ve always have been meaning to do, but my general indifference to Illustrator always got in the way (I’m a Photoshop gal).

A crash course in vectored gradations meant that I was able to send the artwork off as requested, and the panels will be used again at upcoming conferences as well.


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