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A couple of months ago I was contacted to illustrate a hero image for ‘The Fitzroy Diaries’, a podcast series written and voiced by Lorin Clarke (btw, I am still a bit freaked out about the colour palette later created by the ABC design / marketing dept.– unfortunately I was not briefed about any colour prerequisites!).

Happily, however, Lorin and the commissioning team were fantastic to work with, and luckily the project expanded to me illustrating each of the eight episodes in the series.

Compositionally, I took my cues from mural design – graphic bold images layered atop of each other to reflect the layered stories of the audio. Having spent a lot of time over the years in and around Fitzroy (being a ‘North of the River’ gal all of my life), it was great to be given the opportunity to explore a topic and area so familiar to me.

Check out the series here.

There’s also great overview of the process (including roughs!) of this project written up at the Jacky Winter Blog if you would like to find out more about the behind the scenes story.


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