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Strangest Adventures covers


The 2012 Illustrator Australia Awards are finally announced today! Happily I scored a Silver in the Book Category, for ‘Song of the Dove’ and a  Highly Commended for the set of covers I’ve done for the reissue of Alexandra Adornetto’s ‘Strangest Adventures’ series. Given the calibre of judges (Annette Harcus (Designer, Harcus Design, Aust), Tony Palmer (Executive Designer Penguin Group, Aust), Chris Buzelli (Illustrator, NY), Yuko Shimizu (Illustrator, NY), Stefano Imbert (Illustrator and board member SOI, NY), Charles Hively (Publisher & Design Director , 3×3 magazine), it’s quite an honour to make the grade. The Awards results can be seen on the IA page here .

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