40 artists for the 40 hour famine

Poster for 2017 40 hour Famine

World Vision Australia contacted my agaency, the Jacky Winter Group, with an ambitious project for this year’s 40 hour famine – could they muster up 40 artists to create A2 poster images to raise awareness of the displacement of communities that is happening around the world at the moment? Having watched the horrors of the various conflicts in front of the comfort of a screen a far, far way away, of course I feel helpless; but as an Australian I also feel horror at the lack of understanding / empathy that our country displays on an official level, as well as the more ‘grass roots’ hatred shown by “nationalist” groups, so I was happy to make my small contribution.

Artist statement as follows:

When thinking of displacement, I couldn’t help but think of the loss of a place to call “home”, and small reminders such as a child’s slippers. The central figure is clutching a sprig of Jasmine, the national flower of Syria, in the hope that one day she can return in peace.

See the full suite of posters here: http://40artists.40hourfamine.com.au/

40 artists for the 40 hour famine