What is your working process?

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After getting the initial brief – which may be anything from a vague notion to actual text – I get to thinking about the most appropriate / interesting way of tackling the topic at hand. This can be done in a couple of ways –
if time is tight, its straight to the notebook to sketch and write out word lists (an invaluable technique) for a bit of a brain storm. If there is ample time, the brain can work wonders when left to its natural devices! After an effective solution has been found, I return to the sketch book to refine my drawings and composition. I then scan these drawings and refine further in Photoshop. Occasionally I add colour at this stage, but find that usually leads to confusion – it looks finished, but clearly isn’t! I email the rough to the client, and after discussions and a possible redraw, it’s on to the finished art…Depending on the job, I generally transfer the sketch onto watercolour paper or wood, and paint the image using acrylics. When I’m happy with proceedings I then have the work scanned and put the finishing touches on in Photoshop. This allows for greater control over the final image and, conversely, greater scope for experimentation. Pressing Command Z is so much more efficient than a complete repaint!

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