The Three Loves of Persimmon

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The Three Loves of Persimmon

The third in a series of book covers that I have illustrated for Cassandra Golds / Penguin Books, and probably my favourite, set in a mysterious train station florist shop, complete with talking cabbage and a wistful mouse named Epiphany.

“Persimmon lives a solitary life, pouring her passion into the florist shop she owns in the underground railway station. Her only companion is Rose, a talking cabbage. Intriguing young men come and go but Persimmon has yet to find the love of her life.

Several levels beneath Persimmon’s shop lives a mouse called Epiphany. Epiphany has a questing mind. She wants to know what lies beyond the dark tunnels of her home. As in all good fables, Persimmon and Epiphany are destined to meet. And when they do, life will never be the same again.”

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