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When I realised that corruptible / gormless politicians (hi Barnaby!) have more of a say than I do on matters of animal welfare, I decided to fight back and defend the defenceless to the best of my ability.

The images and evidence associated with live export in particular are horrifying – surely there are things worth more than “profits” won in such a way?

Admittedly (hopefully) it does seem like the sun is setting on these death ships, but there are still rallies being organised around Australia – with a National Day of Action on June 9, 2018

If you heading out and want something a bit different to texta on cardboard, feel free  to download either (or both!) of the above posters by clicking on the image above. The are A2 in size, but could be printed smaller if you like. If you care to accessorise, I’ve also got a few items raring to go in my redbubble shop.

If you appreciate the work that has gone into these posters, please feel free to donate! xx


Technical stuff: The above files and resulting prints are for personal use only and are not permitted to be on-sold, altered, rebranded or uploaded to your own server for re-distribution. All copyright remains with the artist ©Sonia Kretschmar 2018




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