Chante’s Story – an animation for Radio National

A still from ‘Chante’s Story’

Recently I was contacted by Gretchen Miller, a producer at Radio National, with an all too rare request: could I create a short animation based on an audio story about her friend Tansy and her experiences with her disabled child Chanté? I wasn’t sure how to approach such a sensitive topic, but I tentatively said ‘yes’. When I saw the photos of Chanté, my apprehensions diminished somewhat – here was a gorgeous, happy, girl with lots of personality, which made my job a lot easier.

Gretchen gave me a rough breakdown of suggested shots and timings, and I set about to bring this story to life. I was a little rusty with my animation skills, but I went back to my favoured method of animating my digital images in After Effects. The project was completed in a month or so, in a square format to enhance sharing on social media. It was great to get back into animating my work!

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